Subjects covered:

Chemistry A2

Exam board: AQA, OCR A, OCR B (Salters), Edexcel

Chemistry AS

Exam board: AQA, OCR A, OCR B (Salters), Edexcel

Biology A2

Exam board: AQA, OCR A, Edexcel SNAB

Biology AS

Exam board: AQA, OCR A, Edexcel SNAB

Other Exam Boards

I also teach Biology and Chemistry for Cambridge International Exams (CIE),       International Baccalaureate (IB) and iGCSE (Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel)


University level

Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biology and Genetics

Group tuition for A-level

I can offer group tuition for up to 5 students.  A 20% discount on the tuition rate is available for each additional student. Home schoolers are welcome to contact me.

Intensive coaching

Intensive coaching sessions are available over Christmas, Easter and the summer holidays. Please contact me for further details.

Adult learners

Over the years I have coached a number of adult learners trying to get back into education or aiming for grades to get into a course at University.  Please contact me if you need advice and help about the level of coaching that is right for you. I can take you through the entire A-level syllabus for Biology and Chemistry in one year (fast track), and can also give you advice on the local colleges offering adult tuition in Bristol.


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