Projects and dissertations


Help with projects and dissertations



I am happy to help with drafting and correction projects and dissertations. I will help you formulate questions, develop structure, sentence & paragraph construction,check spelling and grammar, offer suggestions on addition of relevant points, point out sections that don’t fit in well or could be re-arranged.


There is no need for your to visit me. Corrections and payment can be made online.


I charge different rates depending on the complexity of the project and the turnaround time. Please email me for a quote for your project. Typically I charge £20 per 500 words (1 A4 page, Arial, font size 12, single spacing) or £60 per 4000 words (8 A4 pages, Arial, font size 12, single spacing) with a turnaround time of 1 week. I also offer 48 h turnaround time for a higher rate.


Documents must be submitted as .docx files.


I can help with projects in all areas of Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cancer Research and Genetics.